Wednesday, January 30th, 2013...11:15 pm

The Good Pitch! I really, really, really want to go!

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Scott and I have worked like dogs the last week on The Good Pitch application. The Good Pitch sounds so perfect for us AND so fun.

This is how it works. IF YOU GET ACCEPTED, you go to New York City at the end of April and pitch your film to possible funders, NGO partners, philanthropists and media groups.

Watch the video on all the audience campaigns they have helped. So many good films. So many good causes. I just watched  it and got  teary  thinking that The Girl Who Knew Too Much has the possibility of being added to this list.

You get 7 minutes to present on a stage to folks they hand pick for you. Say, like, THE NIKE FOUNDATION, THE GATES FOUNDATION and GIRL UP. And, then there is a 15 minute hot seat where they ask you questions, and they if they like your project… meetings are set up….

and then, your film gets seen by the world and makes a difference in the world— and in theory, the filmmakers can still pay for their son’s preschool.

Fingers Crossed.

Hopeful. Excited.




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